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If you have been involved in an accident then you might be entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering. It is very important that you contact a injury lawyer today to go over your options. With our San Diego Law Group on your side you can focus on getting life back to normal. We will handle all the stressful legal stuff and make sure you can take care of your family and loved ones during this difficult time.

We start by investigating the accident or injury and building case to support your lawsuit. We also handle all negotiating with the insurance company to make sure that you are well taken care of and compensated for all your damages. To learn more about your options and potential case give us a call today for a free legal consultation. Our legal team will assist you and explain all of your possible options.

Your first consultation is absolutely free and the great thing about our law firm is that we always work on a contingency basis which means there is no out of pocked expenses incurred by our clients. We are basically working for free up front and split the settlement or judgement with our clients. This makes it very easy for you to hire us because you don’t have worry about huge up front legal fees. We have been doing this for years and have a lot of very happy and satisfied clients that love to refer us business.



When you are involved with a car accident you will need the help of a San Diego Car Accident Lawyer to help you. There are often physical and financial losses when you are in a car accident and this is why you will need our help to be made whole again. If you want to find success with your case then hiring an experienced lawyer is very important and the first step you need to take is calling our office.

Auto Accident Injuries are very common if you have been involved in a collision. The entire body can be affected when you are in a car accident. Head injuries are very common and concussions are also very common. We also see a lot of back, head, neck, leg and brain injuries. We have a network of qualified doctors that can provide medical attention even if you don’t have insurance. This is a super important aspect to the service that we provide because paying out of pocket for medical attention would be extremely expensive. We cover all of these expenses up front and you will never have to worry about using your own finances.

You have the right to be taken care of in your time of need and this is why proper medical attention is so important early in our process. A lot of times what happens is reckless drivers cause accidents on the road an this is why we see so many collisions. Also driving while distracted is very common these days and is the reason for a lot of accidents and injuries.